Broadcast Solutions – Company and Products Brochures

Project Details







Develop a full set of company and product brochures

Within the framework of defining the corporate identity of the German system integrator Broadcast Solutions, one part of this transition process was the redesign and new development of both the company brochures, the business unit brochures and products brochures.

Broadcast Solutions is one of Germany’s largest system integrators active in the broadcast business. Furthermore, the company is Europe’s largest OB Van producer, with customers all over the world. The purpose of the whole project was to present the company as such with corporate brochures as well as portraying individual business units by the corporate identity previously developed by PRCOMM thus sharpening the company’s profile. Part of the project was the development of the brochures of the business units as well as the Broadcast Products division with its brands, taking care of distributing and marketing of several products within this entity.

Part of the tasks within the project phase, which is still ongoing, was the development of the complete set of brochures about graphics, picture, overall design as well as text, both in English and German.