PRCOMM is a PR agency serving its customers with expertise and latest know-how, to make your content matter.

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The classic thing, but still one of the best ways to push your messages.

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How do you get your information? E-mail is still the most used communications tool.

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Image films, feature films, interviews – we have the teams to produce high-class video content.

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Use every available channel to convey your message.

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Case Studies, brochures or catalogues – extra content to convince your customers.

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Everybody is talking about “mobile first”. We show you how it works.

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Sharing is caring – get in contact with your peers. We show how how!

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Trade shows, expensive but worth the money – if you know how to do it. We show you!

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Let’s play and spread your message and show your core features.

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Promote your website in the neverending space, called the internet. We concept, develop, design, text and implement websites that push your business.

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What if you have a killer website and nobody knows about it? Good content is still king, but experience what good SEO can do for your content.

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Measurement of the success of your PR campaigns is an essential part of our service.


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We develop corporate branding strategies from scratch or sharpen existing CIs. Use an elaborate corporate branding to gain market share and increase brand awareness.

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PR and Marketing go hand in hand with sales. Know your audience is key to your success. PR and marketing deliver valid data.[br_tc][br_tc]

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We work with some of the best designers and artists that are familiar with the industry you are working in to develop appealing campaigns.

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We support brands and companies with advertising services – from design to handling, from personal contracts to adservers.[br_tc][br_tc]

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The usage of mobile gear is growing rapidly. Not only in communication but also when working with professional tools in broadcasting, ProAudio or the MI-industry.